Party Pots

Love Wool will be six on 15th September!  To celebrate this milestone, we plan is to do a spot of Yarn Bombing and we’d love you to get involved.  Our aim is to decorate the outside and inside of the shop with some yarn art Party Pots.

If you would like to get involved join our ‘Party Pots’ Facebook Group here and keep up to date with all our plans.

We will be holding a meeting for those of you who would like to help get the ball rolling on Monday 18th July at 7.30pm at Love Wool.  The group will  meet every two weeks for a progress report and to keep us on track.  So don’t worry if you can’t make it to our first meeting, you’ll be able to join us again.

The aim of our celebration is to decorate pots whether large or small to create wooly works of art.  We will then display these decorative pots outside and inside the shop.  There are no limitations, your pot can be as over or under stated as you wish.

You can make a Celebration Pot to mark a special event such as a wedding, new baby, new job or business venture.  You could make a Seasonal Pot bursting with blooms from all the seasons or what about a Charity Pot themed with colours or symbols of a charity close to your heart.  Maybe a Portadown Pot to highlight the variety of shops we have in our town or even a Memory Pot to celebrate the life of someone special to you. If you have a point to make, you could make a Statement Pot to feature something you are passionate about. Literally we just want lots of pots.

We want you to join with us in your own way and be part of our celebration of all things wooly.  This is a great wooly community project that will not only enhance our local community visually but it will give us all an opportunity to work together which is something we have not been able to do over the last two years due to the pandemic.  There will of course be a prize for the best pot in each category with a grand prize for the overall winner.  So let’s go potty together!

Steps for Pots of Success

1. First you need to select a pot – any size, large or small and any shape.

2. Next cover the pot with a knitted or crochet cover. Put some stones / sand / brick at the bottom of your pot to weight it down a little – we wouldn’t want it to blow away.

3. Finally decorate the top of your pot.  Think of all the wonderful post box toppers you’ve seen for some inspiration.  Here are some photos to encourage your creative juices.


Party Pots featured image