Tools of the Trade


 New Arrivals: A Wide Selection of Knitting Needles at Love Wool! 

At Love Wool, we’re thrilled to announce the arrival of a stunning array of new knitting needles to enhance your crafting experience. Whether you’re a seasoned knitter or just beginning your knitting journey, our new collection has something for everyone.

First, we have the vibrant KnitPro Zing Single Pointed Needles available in lengths of 25cm, 30cm, and 35cm. These aluminium knitting pins come in a spectrum of bright, lively colours.  Each size distinguished by its own lustrous metallic shade and featuring beautiful silver tips. The needles range in sizes from 2mm to 12mm, perfect for all your single-point knitting projects.

For those who love working with double-pointed needles, check out the KnitPro Zing Double Pointed Needles. These 15cm aluminium needles, also available in a variety of vibrant colours, come in sizes from 2mm to 8mm in sets of five. They’re ideal for knitting socks, gloves, and other tubular projects.

Our collection also includes KnitPro Zing Circular Needle Tips (Interchangeable) available in sizes from 3mm to 8mm. These aluminium tips, available in beautiful metallic shades, can be paired with separately available KnitPro Interchangeable Circular Needle Cables. Made of finest grade stainless steel, these strong and flexible cables come with a cable key and two end caps.

Additionally, we have the popular KnitPro Symfonie Circular Needles (Fixed) in lengths of 25cm, 40cm, 60cm, 80cm, and 100cm. Made from compact laminated birchwood, these multi-coloured needles are known for their durability and smooth, snag-free joins. They come in sizes from 2.5mm to 12mm.

Lastly, for double-pointed needle enthusiasts, the KnitPro Symfonie Double Pointed Needles are available in 15cm lengths. Also crafted from compact laminated birchwood, these needles feature sharp, tapered tips and come in sizes from 2.5mm to 8mm in sets of five.

Visit Love Wool today to explore our new range and find the perfect tools of the trade for your next knitting project!




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