Christmas Window

Bo Bear’s Year in Review

In the heart of the festive season, we unveil our Christmas window display featuring the beloved Bo Bear embarking on his final adventure for the year. As he snuggles up in front of a warm and inviting fire, dressed as Santa, the window comes alive with the magic of King Cole Christmas classics.  The festive fireplace is adorned with a garland made from balls of King Cole Tinsel as well as  a Trimits pom-pom wreath above, making the fireplace a focal point of the festive scene.


Bo Bear’s Cosy Retreat

As Bo Bear settles into his cosy retreat, surrounded by the warmth of the crackling crocheted log fire, he is surrounded by an abundance of woolly friends in his festive haven.  Dressed in his Santa Suit, Bo Bear is joined by his trusty companion, Travelling Bo who has’ travelled home for Christmas’ wearing his Christmas snowflake jumper.

A King Cole Christmas Extravaganza

We have created a collection of King Cole Christmas classics, featuring everything from a knitted Santa gift bag inspired by their “Favourite Christmas Knits Book 1” to stockings and toys straight out of “Christmas Knits Book 8.”

Our commitment to festive creativity shines through as the scene features a delightful Holly Garland from “Christmas Crochet Book 2” and Tinsel and Funny Yummy Trees crafted using King Cole’s pattern No. 9035. The combination of yarns create a symphony of textures and colours, which we hope will spark inspiration for holiday projects.

No Christmas display is complete without a tree, and our window boasts the obligatory pink Love Wool Christmas Tree.

Hiding by the tree is the mischievous Green Elf from “Christmas Knits Book 4” and the sparkly 3D NOEL sign on the mantlepiece is from “Christmas Crochet Book 4.” These add charm and character to the festive display, capturing the essence of the holiday season.

Tucker the Turkey and Ricorumi Delights

The window display also introduces adorable elements from Rico’s Ricorumi Christmas book, including the lovable Tucker the Turkey and charming candles. The quirky character adds a touch of playfulness to the scene, inviting you to explore the world of festive amigurumi.


Stylecraft’s Reindeer and Sirdar’s Alpine Cat

Other toys included are from Stylecraft’s enchanting Reindeer pattern No. 9869 and Sirdar’s Alpine Cat pattern No. 2496, these characters contribute to the rich tapestry of holiday-themed knits and crochets, which we hope will offer endless possibilities for creative expression.


A Myriad of Festive Inspiration

As Bo Bear and his friends bask in the glow of their woolly wonderland, the Love Wool Christmas window display stands as a testament to a year filled with creativity, community, and the joy of crafting. The myriad of festive knits and crochet inspiration invites you to embark on your own creative journeys, adding a touch of handmade magic to your holiday celebrations.


Celebrating the Season with Love Wool

Love Wool’s Christmas window display, featuring Bo Bear’s Last Great Adventure for 2023, invites all to celebrate the season with a sense of wonder and creativity. As the year draws to a close, the cosy scene serves as a reminder of the joy found in handmade treasures and the warmth of shared moments during the most magical time of the year.


 Wishing you all a wonderfully woolly festive season from Love Wool

Christmas Window featured image