The Love Wool Team


My four sons call me the Crazy Wool Woman and I guess that says it all. As the shop name suggests, I quite simply love wool. It is this passion that led to the shops creation and continues to drive me on in the pursuit of creating a wooly paradise and haven of relaxation for all wool addicts. My aim is to spend time getting to know my customers and their needs and to make them feel energized and enthused. To me, Love Wool is so much more than just a wool shop, through it, I aim to offer a sense of community to all.


Mother-in-law extraordinaire. Norah brings many years knitting experience and loves nothing more than getting her teeth into sorting out problematic patterns. Amongst Norah’s talents is her ability to keep me fed and watered and to keep the shop running while I try to sort out the store. She’s a dab hand with the duster and keeps the place spic and span and the windows clean as a whistle. I’d be lost without her.


Debbie is my cavalry member and helps when I need reinforcements or a break, without her, my sanity might not remain intact. Debbie can knit and crochet – but crochet is her passion, which is fuelled by her love of experimenting with new yarns and new techniques.