Introducing ‘Travelling Bo Bear’

Introducing Travelling Bo Bear: The Ultimate Companion for your Great Adventure!

Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey with our new Travelling Bo Bear! This summer ‘Travelling Bo Bear’ hopes to set out on an incredible tour, exploring enchanting destinations and indulging in exciting escapades. While this beloved Bo Bear is Away, his mischievous counterpart, ‘Home Bo’, is keeping the Love Wool shop window buzzing with his own fantastic adventures.

Travelling Bo, our adventurous and cuddly friend, has been on quite the tour this week. His journey began with a delightful cruise around the stunning Adriatic Sea. Bo couldn’t contain his excitement as he set foot in picturesque Venice, Italy. The enchanting city’s gondolas gracefully gliding through the canals mesmerized him and he couldn’t resist snapping his back pack with the iconic boats.

Next on his itinerary was Koper, Slovenia. Bo, being a crafty bear, made sure to visit a local yarn shop and picked up some gorgeous cotton for future projects. He even made a new friend, Towel Bear, and the two enjoyed nibbling on chocolate while exchanging travel stories.

But Bo’s adventure didn’t stop there! He travelled to Split, Croatia, where he got a glimpse of history by observing Roman soldiers from a safe distance. With his backpack by his side, Bo has been soaking up the sun and perfecting his tan. After all, relaxation is an essential part of any great adventure.

Let’s not forget about Bo’s keen interest in crochet. While he’s been off gallivanting around the world, he’s been keeping a close eye on his human friend’s holiday crochet project, making sure it’s coming along splendidly.

The last leg of Bo’s Great Adventure included Kotor in Montenegro which has lots of lovely little shady streets to explore and finally Dubrovnik in Croatia which is listed as a World Heritage Site in recognition of its fortified old town, which just happened to be in game of Thrones.  All in all Bo has had an amazing trip around the Adriatic.

The best part is that Bo is always ready for a new adventure! If you’re craving some excitement and want Bo to accompany you on your travels, just let us know. He’ll happily grab his backpack and join you on your journey, creating new memories and experiencing the world with his trademark enthusiasm. Or if you have created your own Bo, we would love you to share the adventures you have with him on our ‘Bo Bear’s Great Adventures 2023’ Facebook Group.

Don’t forget if you do want to make your own Bo Bear and join us on our adventures this summer, there is 20% off both the West Yorkshire Spinners Bo-Peep yarn on our website right here and the Great Adventures Book here.

So stay tuned for more updates on Bo Bear’s Great Adventure and who knows where his next destination will be? With Bo by your side, the possibilities are endless. Get ready for a summer filled with fun, laughter, unforgettable escapades and Great Adventures!

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